Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Meet Max.  He’s a 16 month old golden retriever mix.  We’re not sure what he’s mixed with exactly – they say lab, but I think his tail looks like a coyote’s tail.  He’s probably not a coyote.

Max came to our house last night as a part of a swap with an animal sanctuary.  His coat is in serious need of some grooming, but besides that he’s just about perfect.  Enzo thinks that he’s annoying, but Akala is willing to give him a chance. 

This morning I found him with his mouth on the bottom stair, trying to figure out how to enhance the chew-job that Enzo did earlier – looks like we need to spray the house down with bitter apple!

I’m thinking that Max won’t be at our house for too long – he will make a great family dog!

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